Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

St Michael's Primary has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative to supplement learning with technology across Years 3-6.

BYOD refers to students bringing a personally-owned iPad to school for the purpose of learning. A personally-owned iPad is one brought into the school and is owned by a student or the student's family.

The school recognises the need to prepare our students for a rapidly-changing world, where technology plays a large role in our personal, social and professional lives. Many students have access to electronic devices that can be used to enhance their learning. BYOD enables students to bring these devices to school and use them in the classroom.

The following provides general information on how the school implements the program. This information can be accessed as a handbook by clicking on "Print to PDF".

Frequently Asked Questions

If your son/daughter owns an iPad Air 2, then that is fine for them to use at school. If you are purchasing a new iPad, we suggest you purchase the best that you can afford. Currently the iPad 2017 (5th Generation) is the best choice. The iPad Mini models are not allowed due to the strain they cause on student’s hands and eyes. They are not suitable for a number of apps including NAPLAN 2018.

We also recommend that the iPad is WiFi only — not Cellular. This means there are no additional internet usage charges, and your child will only be connected to the internet when WiFi is available (at school for example).

There are a number of stores that stock and sell iPads. Many do have finance available if needed. Stores include: JB Hi-Fi, Good Guys, Officeworks, Big W and Harvey Norman or online Dick Smith.

St Michael’s has established a purchasing portal with Apple. Purchases can be made online and delivery organised to your home address


Storage options begin from 32GB- 128GB. In most cases, this is due to additional apps, music, games etc being loaded on the device. The device your family chooses to purchase will depend on personal circumstances.

IMPORTANT: if storage is full on your child’s iPad, all school required apps/work need to stay on the iPad – games/photos may need to be uploaded elsewhere.

We will teach the students to use the Google Suite apps to save their work, requiring no storage directly to the device. iMovie will require space, but will be uploaded to Google Drive upon completion.

They do not as the keyboard does come up on the screen for typing. However, if your child feels more comfortable using a hardware keyboard, then feel free to purchase one. Almost all Bluetooth keyboards are compatible with the iPad. Posture will be reinforced whilst working with the iPad.

They do not as we are encouraging correct finger placement and fluency when typing. However, if your child feels more comfortable using a stylus, then this is okay also. Additionally, some applications such as Explain Everything can work more precisely with a Stylus.

NOTE: A stylus is a writing utensil for touch screen devices.

We recommend a smartcover for the iPad (a cover that turns the iPad on and off by opening and closing it). The case should cover the back of the iPad, its 4 corners and also a flap that will protect the screen. It is ideal for the case to have a stand option (either a pull out flap or a resting
place for the iPad). Many cases include the screen cover as well. There are also many cases offering heavy duty protection such as the Survivor series cases. These have been purchased by our school and offer strong protection.

There is currently no issue with viruses when using iPads.

At the beginning of the school year, our IT Trainee and Learning Technology Teacher will assist in ensuring students are connected to the internet and Airwatch.

This will be decided upon by the classroom teacher. The iPads are a learning tool which will be used for various purposes throughout each day, in addition to other resources.

Yes absolutely – balance is best! The iPad, as outlined in the question above, is one of many learning tools used in the classroom.

iPads will remain secured in the classroom during break times (including wet weather). At times students may be asked by their class teacher to complete learning experiences outside the classroom. If this occurs, all students will be reminded of expectations and will be supervised. Prior to school all students will store their iPads inside classrooms to protect them from playground games.

iPads are brought into the classroom for the whole day and kept secured during break times and the classroom door locked when teachers are out of the room. When students are not using their iPads they are placed in a secure location in the classroom. All students are shown how to passcode protect their iPads for extra security.

Students place their iPads in their bags at the end of the day, where they remain until they arrive home. The school discourages all students from taking their iPads out of their bags whilst travelling to and from school (including the bus or while waiting for pick up).

Yes - Absolutely.

In the case where the iPad is not required at school, students will be notified in advance (excursions, gala days, etc).

Yes. A combination of written homework and homework utilising the iPads will be given- Google Classroom will be used on a consistent basis by teachers.

It is strongly recommended that iPads are covered for use outside of the home in your Home and Contents Insurance Policy. If the iPad is lost, stolen or damaged at school, the student must report it to their teacher immediately.

All students need to have Find-My-IPad turned on.

The teacher will provide an Incident Report Form for completion. Action in response to damage or loss will be determined by the school in accordance with the 1:1 User Agreement found in the Learning Technologies Policy.

Students are to follow all school and teacher directions in relation to apps and usage of iPads. Any misuse of iPads will follow the 1:1 User Agreement found in the Learning Technologies Policy. iPads must be surrendered immediately upon request by any staff member.

Students may have unprescribed apps on their iPad but these will not be accessed during school hours.

An Apple ID is your user name for everything you do with Apple: Shop the iTunes Store, enable iCloud on all your devices, buy from the Apple Online Store, make a reservation at an Apple Retail Store, access the Apple Support website, and more. Please see Apple ID Creation Document handout.

All school/educational apps will be purchased by the school and supplied to the students via a download link on a specific CEO free 'App Catalogue'.

All students are requested to have iMovie or a free video making app equivalent.

Every student at St Michael’s has an account which allows them access to features such as email, hosted by Google, known as Classm8. The Classm8 Cloud services allow students to set up calendars to keep track of events and due dates, word processing, spreadsheets, email and sharing options with their class teacher. Students may also use Classm8 Cloud to store work in an organised and accessible manner (from any device anywhere in the world – no USB required).

Google Classroom is an educational platform that allows teachers and students to use productivity tools for classroom collaboration.

The most important thing to remember if your child has problems with their iPad at school, is to let the class teacher know as soon as possible so that the problem can be addressed. If the problem can be fixed at a school level it will, if not it will be passed onto CEO for further help. You can also contact any Apple Store directly.

Yes. The iPads can adjust between home and school settings. Note that the internet protections in place at school do not apply at home and parents are responsible for internet access at home.

Yes, under the Settings > General, there is a Restrictions option.

You enable restrictions with a passcode (that only you will know) and alter the settings for Web Sites for example to ‘Limit Adult Content’ rather than ‘All Websites’.

There is a host of other options which we can go through on a Parent evening.

Please ensure you let the school know this Restrictions passcode and you keep a record as many problems arise when it is forgotten and many iPads have had to be reset.

Please note that the school has an extremely high internet protection called Zscaler and all children’s website use can be tracked through Zscaler.