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  • Laffan-Out-Loud-9/08/2016




    Mary had a fundamental belief that the cross becomes the Tree of Life. Mary faced many challenges from both within and beyond the church as she set about doing God’s will. She trusted that through all these circumstances God’s love would suffice. She was known as Sr Mary of the Cross.

    She is Australia’s first saint, a model of how to live as a follower of Jesus and she continues to pray for us in love. One of her greatest strengths was her    belief in the power of the cross to change her heart and to change the world. May St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, help us to be the face of God for others as she continues to be us.

    Mary MacKillop is a great saint a Great Woman of Australia.

    We at St Michael’s have much to learn from her vision, courage and           compassion for children of Australia.

    At St Michael’s we will constantly live out our character constantly to share the Gospel message of “Love One     Another”.

    At St Michael’s we will follow Mary’s vision in believing that, “all children can and will grow and succeed”.

    Over the next two weeks we will be hosting visitors from Brisbane and North Queensland. This week two school communities will be with us on Thursday. The visiting educators will be spending time in       understanding our work around:


    · Designing and building our learning spaces

    · Creating ‘Shared Beliefs’ in learning and teaching

    · Implementation Plans

    · Establishing ‘Learning frameworks’

    · Working with student data


    But the real reason for their visit is our teachers and our students.


    Our visitors will want to spend time learning how teachers:

    · Collaboratively plan

    · Create Data Walls

    · Establish and work with Lesson Intents and Success Criteria

    · Are continuing to experiment with Co-teaching models and use of space


    Our visiting team include diversity and library specialist. I sincerely thank my colleagues for supporting the growth of colleague professionals.


    “Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is

    no matter what form it takes you are still,

    you are at peace”

    Ekhart Tolle

    “Love One Another”

     John Laffan





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  • Laffan Out Loud - Term 2 Week 6 2016


    Dear Parents and Friends,

    We are all entering an important phase in our school year, assessment and  reporting ensures that all children’s needs are constantly being met. The    collection of student data is a daily event, the analysis of every piece of your children’s work  informs the work of all teaching teams in planning and        programming.


    Each week, I meet with class teachers, learning support teachers (diversity team), Teacher educators and leading teachers to support student needs through

    Case Management meetings.

    These meetings focus on student’s strengths and challenges, short-term goals are created and teaching strategies are confirmed. 

    Students needs are also supported through:

    · Extended Mathematics Programme

    · Reading Recovery

    · Personalised Programmes

    · Targeted Learning Programmes


    The aim of these support programmes is to ensure students needs are supported by highly trained     specialist teachers. We, at St. Michael’s believe in early intervention and aim at tracking the growth of all children.


    Last week we sent another sample of student’s work and teacher responses, we are attempting to      provide a more ongoing insight into your child’s work and growth. As the quote above confirms ‘your child’s success is dependent upon the positive relationship we build between home and school.’


    To support your understanding and participation in your child’s learning I invite you to consider:

    · Seeking advice from your child’s teacher through making an appointment to meet

    · When talking with your child, (in reviewing their work) spend time asking them questions such as:

    - Why were you doing this?

    - What skills were you using in completing this work?

    - What about this work did you enjoy the most?

    - In what ways could you improve on this work? Or

    - How could you do this differently next time?

    · Take time (no matter how old the child) to read with and to your children.

    I want to stress that our role is to support the building of a community where we live out the saying …...


    “Love One Another”

    John Laffan




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  • Laffan Out Loud


    Dear Parents and Friends,


    When I reflect on our school’s progress and development for 2016 there are a number of key signs that our school is a strong, faith-filled, learning community.


    As a Catholic School we are able to celebrate our Faith in a way that invites ‘Community’. At our last Liturgy, a ‘Liturgy for Mother’s Day’ we set an incredible bench mark of participation and prayer. This celebration brought hundreds of our family members into our school, where our children demonstrated not only a deep faith and love but high levels of skills in reading, song and dance.


    The wholistic approach we have to education can be seen in one simple snapshot. Last week during lunch, I was able to visit our choir, who were being prepared by members of our teaching team for future school events and eisteddfods, outside other students were practising their skills on a variety of un-tuned percussion instruments. In the adjoining learning spaces groups of dancers were receiving feedback from student mentors. On the oval during this lunch period other teachers and parent helpers were training soccer teams. This is just one small snapshot of a dedicated teaching team providing opportunity to our students.


    Above all our teaching and learning is reaching important stages in meeting our 2016 Goals. In Literacy, Numeracy and Religious Education our teaching teams are working closely with our Teacher Educators and Lead Teachers in:

    Þ Providing 1.5 Hours each week of Professional Learning

    Þ Grade teams working collaboratively in co-constructing teaching programmes from analysis of assessment data

    Þ Weekly collegial class visits with Teacher Educators and feedback around teaching          practise

    All of this, means that our direction is clear in supporting the needs of all our children. We will constantly hold a high level of expectation that all children will succeed and grow.

    “Love One Another”

    John Laffan



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  • Laffan Out Loud


    Each and every day that you give witness to the Gospels, witness through your Baptism and each day you share the Nano charism you will reveal life’s true meaning. Each and every day you live out our motto and ministry you will in this era of conflict bring healing into the world one learning space at a time.

    This work is not for the faint hearted, our work demands of us to have courage and determination. After all, our work is seen by many as counter cultural and for many others our existence is unnecessary.

    We know that great teachers need to be great learners and so it is for Catechists we must constantly take time to renew our faith and find sources to deepen our understanding of ‘life giving meaning.’

    And so, let’s deepen our thinking of the Resurrection, with the help of Richard Rohr.


    “Christ Crucified is all of the hidden, private,

    tragic pain of history made public and given

    over to God.


    Christ Resurrected is all of that private,

    ungrieved, unnoted suffering received, loved

    and transformed by an all-caring God.

    Jesus is the blueprint, the plan, the pattern revealed in one body and moment in history to reveal the meaning of all history and each of our lives. The cross is the banner of what we do to one another and to God.

    The Resurrection is the banner of what God gives to us in return.” 


    The importance of a secure and safe school site is an imperative when dealing with child safety.


    NO ADULT is permitted to remain on site other than when attending office, working in the canteen or attending uniform shop.


    ¨ All parents will now “Kiss & Drop” student at entry points.

    ¨ No parents are permitted on school grounds at dismissal.


    These measures ensure that only teaching/administration teams can maintain maximum supervision of children at all times.


    Child Protection is everyone’s responsibility.  As adults we all are accountable to the protection and wellbeing of all children in our care.


    “Love One Another”.





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  • Laffan Out Loud - 2.02.2016


    Jeremiah 1:5

    The reading from Jeremiah was Sunday’s first reading and you can imagine the impact it had on two very new grandparents. When you consider our faith and relationship with God, the ramifications for us as teachers and parents can be quite sobering. After all if our children, ‘have been called by name,’ ‘breathe in God as God lives within them,’ and ‘are children of God,’ how then do we ensure our relationships nurture and give life to all those we teach. The simple answer is ‘to be you,’ after all you too are all of the above. “Love what God loves, which is everything and everyone, including you and me.” Rohr.


    This week I’ll be talking up Goals. My Goals, teachers goals and our student goals, this work is not about ensuring accountability its all about action supporting growth and change. Our goals should reflect what personal change we are aiming (realistically) at to bring about growth. In 2016 my goals will respond to our Implementation Plan, so that I will need to develop a ‘Framework’ that will support, planning, implementation and feedback around the success of student’s ability to read and comprehend a variety of texts. The Goals we construct reflect what we need to grow, learn or develop in ensuring that our work is making a difference. My second Goal will support my work in ensuring the professional development of our newly formed leadership team. In ensuring ‘ a new way of learning and serving.’ Our leadership model is all about Learning, Sharing and Service, so how will I support our work? Once again, I’m stressing the need for our goals to be a focus on self -reflection leading to growth.

    So then I invite you to speak with your children.  Invite them to talk about their goals for 2016 … What is it about their learning that they want to develop, improve or grow towards?

    I look forward to learning and growing with you this year.  I believe our communities strength is our willingness to simply but actively live out our motto.

    Love One Another,
    John Laffan

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Principal's Welcome

I iwsh you a warm welcome to the St Michael's Primary website.

At St Michael’s, our aim is to support families in nurturing and promoting the growth of your child. We aim to live out our vision of being a Catholic community which Reflects, Engages and Empowers. At St Michael’s, we reflect the life and mission of Jesus, and promote a vibrant spiritual life through learning, prayer and liturgy.

As members of an engaged and community-focused school, the role of our parents is an active one. Historically, Catholic education has been founded upon principles of parent contribution and voluntary service. Our school will only continue to grow through our families' support of school initiatives, social events, and the financial contribution through fees and fundraising.

At St Michael’s, we strive to live out the charism of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters. We accept with pride and diligence, our responsibility to support the poor and marginalised.

We strive to engage each child in their own learning, creating an environment in which teaching and learning is purposeful, relevant, innovative and collaborative. It is important for me to confirm that at St Michael’s, we will always hold the highest expectation for children in attaining their academic personal best.

Our school motto is ‘Love One Another’ and it is in this spirit of love, friendship and cooperation that we hope we will see you at our school and be able to demonstrate what a St Michael's education can offer your child.


John Laffan

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