Our Staff

The staff at St Michael’s strives to live out our motto to Love One Another.

Through empowerment, engagement and reflection we strive to work closely with parents in supporting the individual needs of all children.

Our focus is ensuring a transparent, open communication in regard to school and student development. We believe our role is to provide a service which attempts to support the needs of all members of our community.

Our core business is the development of children in all areas of this endeavour. The spiritual, educational, pastoral and physical development of all children is supported by a highly capable and motivated staff.

At St Michael’s our professional community is committed to the ongoing professional learning that 21st century pedagogy requires. This professional learning supports the needs of our children, and we maintain a high expectation of student outcomes. We know that the creation of vibrant learning environments is a key component in promoting student creativity.

Leadership Team

Principal Mrs Sue Veling
Assistant Principal Mrs Jennifer Crowley
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Anne Easton
Kindergarten Coordinator Mrs Karen Foxe
Year 1 Coordinator  Mrs Elizabeth Carrington
Year 2 Coordinator Ms Rebecca Speed
Year 3 Coordinator Miss Kirsty Reynolds
Year 4 Coordinator Ms Jennifer Crowley
Year 5 Coordinator Mr Luke Baddock 
Year 6 Coordinator Mrs Julia Reaidi
Diversity Coordinator Mrs Karen Foxe
Wellbeing Coordinator Ms Rebecca Speed 
PBS4L & Sport Coordinator Mrs Cristy Budd

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Green Mrs Janine Aberin
Kindergarten Yellow Mrs Jemima Macaulay
Kindergarten Blue Miss Erin Hall
Kindergarten Red Miss Courtney Cavaleri
Year 1 Green Mrs Emma Moore
Year 1 Yellow Mrs Elizabeth Carrington
Mrs Sandra Russo
Year 1 Blue Mr Luke Xuereb
Year 1 Red Miss Annabelle Micallef
Year 2 Green Mrs Anne-Maree Abrahams
Mrs Deborah Shahab
Year 2 Yellow Mrs Natasha Pullen
Mrs Natalie Dias
Year 2 Blue Miss Tracy Labour
Year 2 Red Miss Hayley Hewitson
Year 3 Green Miss Linda Haddad
Year 3 Yellow Miss Kirsty Reynolds
Mrs Charlotte Mott
Year 3 Blue Mrs Nicole Leckie
Year 3 Red Mr Patrick McCarthy
Mrs Amy Williams
Year 4 Green Mr Peter Spicer
Year 4 Yellow Miss Kasey Vincent
Year 4 Blue Mrs Christine Ciccone
Year 4 Red Mrs Kellyanne Kemble
Year 5 Green  Mr Luke Baddock
Mrs Stephanie Bourne
Year 5 Yellow Mrs Anne Easton
Mrs Tina Barbuto
Year 5 Blue Mr Mark Baird
Year 5 Red Miss Sue Bodle
Year 6 Green Mrs Julia Reaidi
Mrs Michelle Mastrosa
Year 6 Yellow Miss Larissa Prested
Year 6 Blue Miss Maryrose Estepa
Year 6 Red Mr William Luckman
Mr Michael Wheadon

Diversity Support Team

Diversity Coordinator Mrs Karen Foxe
Diversity Support Mrs Cristy Budd
Miss Ebony Moylan
Reading Recovery Teachers Year 1 Mrs Colleen Walsh
Miss Paula Cassar
Mrs Norma Eid
Ms Rachael Daniels
EMU Specialists Year 1 Miss Paula Cassar
Mrs Colleen Walsh
Mrs Norma Eid
Reading Stage 3 Specialists
Miss Paula Cassar
Mrs Colleen Walsh
Family Counsellor Ms Charlotte Watt
Teacher Assistants: Mrs Renee Azar
Ms Gai Clark
Mrs Deidre McLoughlin
Mr Dane Fizzell
Miss Imogen O’Carroll
Mrs Nadine Tucker
Mrs Tania Gatt
Mrs Renae Pearsall

Library and Technology

Librarian Mrs Annie Pinto 
LTST Coordinator Mrs Jennifer Crowley 
IT Trainee Miss Ashleigh Tabusares

Specialist Support Programs

Creative Arts Program Mrs Siobhan Boje
Ms Melanie Cicchini
Strings Program Years 3 & 4  Ms Francoise Marrier d’Unienville
Mr Craig Davidson
Mr Paul Smith
Sports Program K-6 Mrs Cristy Budd
Miss Ebony Moylan

Office Staff

Senior Finance Officer Mrs Kim Antonelli
School Secretary Mrs Lynne Campbell
Mrs Amanda Hart

Support Staff

Grounds & Maintenance Mr Ken Lewis
Cleaners Mrs Doris White
CHARMAX Cleaning Services


Canteen Manager Mrs Kristy Edwards - Healthy Canteens Australia

Parish Team

Moderator Priest Fr Regie Lavilla
Parish Priests Fr John Paul Escarlan
Fr Jack Green
Sacramental Coordinator Mr Gerald (Ged) Oblea